Tuesday, December 29, 2009


Untuk perhatian kepada semua para pelajar Fakulti Kejuruteraan Awam. Universiti ada menyediakan bantuan kewangan kepada para pelajar yang ingin memohon latihan praktikal di luar negara. Namun tempat untuk praktikal di luar negara mestilah dicari oleh para pelajar yang berminat itu sendiri. Bantuan kewangan yang diberikan tidaklah mempunyai kadar yang tetap kerana ia bergantung kepada kawasan kita ditawarkan tempat praktikal, kemudahan yang diberikan oleh majikan dan beberapa perkara lain lagi yang akan diambil kira. Segala kemudahan ini adalah ditawarkan ole Pusat Perhubungan Industri UiTM (UILC).

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Monday, December 28, 2009

Practical Training


Industrial Training is a compulsory component of the curriculum which aims to expose students to the real nature of the engineering works and to get them involved in civil engineering projects. The technical and non-technical outcomes of the course may be assessed and evaluated through this industrial training.

Students can upload Guidelines, Application Placement Letter and Confirmation Letter For Industrial Training (KJC519 / ECM 597) below :



Organizational Environment

Faculty of Civil Engineering (FCE) of UiTM is the off-spring of the former School of Engineering (one of the oldest School of ITM/UiTM-established in 1967) formed in 1996 when The School of Engineering then was split and repositioned into three faculties namely Faculty of Civil, Electrical and Mechanical Engineering respectively.

Being one of the oldest, FCE has played a significant role in promoting professional engineering education among the Bumiputra community. To date, it has produced more than 7500 graduates alone from 1998 to 2007, who are currently playing a very active role in civil engineering profession through different employment activities in both the private and public sector, as well as serving in the overseas market.

Starting with a modest facility in the old Engineering block, FCE moved into a portion of the new UiTM’s Science and Technology Complex in December 2003. The faculty is mainly centred in Blok 1 (teaching facilities) and Tower 1 (Administration and Lecturers’ rooms) of the S & T Complex. The faculty is equipped with 31 laboratories, 47 classrooms (inclusive of seminar and TEC rooms), 16 staff offices and 35 technical support staff offices, 3 administrative offices and shared lecture theatres with other faculties. Currently, the enrolment in Shah Alam consists of 2091 Degree students and 252 graduate students. At the same time the faculty is also responsible for developing and monitoring its Diploma programmes in UiTM’s Perlis Campus (servicing 908 Diploma students), Penang campus 738 Diploma Students), Jengka Campus (servicing 614 Diploma Students) as well as Sarawak Campus (servicing 273 Diploma Students). Besides that, the faculty is also responsible for the Collaborative Diploma Program run by KPTM in Kuantan which currently has an enrolment of 200 students.



Sunday, December 27, 2009


Berikut adalah jadual kuliah untuk semester depan (Semester Januari - April 2010)

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Mission statement

Hey you guys!

After much deliberation we've decided to start our own blog, separate from other so that we can just update whenever we want and how much we want without worrying whether that previous containing the things from faculty would suddenly disappear from view.

So the plan is, with this blog, each and every one from the PERKA team can write whatever they want about whatever topic they want whenever they want. Since this is just an intro, we'll keep it short + sweet. Hope you'll enjoy the page!